Introducing FogiFix® – a unique anti-fog dry wipe

FogiFix® provides immediate and long-lasting anti-fog
protection for glasses, goggles, safety shields, car windows,
mirrors, refrigerator doors, and more.

FogiFix® is incredibly easy to use

if the surface to be protected is not already moist,
then slightly wet the FogiFix® non-woven fabric.
and you’re done!
Unlike anti-fogging liquids, gels, sprays or wet wipes, there’s
no mess, no smearing, and no need to dry the treated surface.
FogiFix® does not require special storage conditions and
provides exceptional anti-fog protection over and over again –
from the first use to the last.

Immediate, long-lasting anti-fog protection on a wide variety of surfaces

Easy to use – slightly moisten (if the surface is not already moist)

Shines glass surfaces

Does not require special Shines glass surfaces storage conditions

Maintains the same anti-fogging efficacy over many uses

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