Air intake

Noam Urim has developed a groundbreaking synthetic fiber-based nonwoven filter material that is revolutionizing the automotive air filtration industry. This innovative material is meticulously crafted from carefully chosen high-performance fire retardant fine-denier fibers, meticulously structured in a way that features a gradient density.

Noam Urim synthetic fiberbased nonwoven filter material

The gradient density is achieved through a sophisticated layering technique, ensuring that the filter media can effectively capture even the smallest particles, even when subjected to low air pressure.

To further enhance its performance and reliability, this filter material is both thermally and chemically bonded, and it is treated with a proprietary adhesive coating. This coating prevents any shedding of fibers, ensuring that the air entering the engine remains clean and free of contaminants.

The outcome of using this filter material is truly remarkable. It offers unparalleled efficiency in filtering, an extended filter life, the prevention of particle migration, the ability to be pleated for compact installation, and reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Noam Urim automotive air intake filter

This filter material is primarily intended for use in air intake filters for car engines. Its key attributes include:

  • Synthetic fiber construction for superior durability and performance
  • Optimal performance under low-pressure conditions, ensuring effective filtration even in demanding driving conditions
  • Prevention of the release of fibers and the migration of harmful particles, safeguarding the engine from damage
  • Extended filter life, reducing the need for frequent filter changes
  • Pleated design for compact installation, maximizing available space

Noam Urim’s automotive air filtration solutions are setting the standard for the industry. With their commitment to innovation and quality, Noam Urim is ensuring that drivers can breathe easy, knowing that their engines are protected from the harmful effects of airborne contaminants.

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