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Contamination anywhere along the food chain has the potential to transmit serious diseases and adversely affect public health. Reducing the chance of contamination at the source is critical.
According to the U.S. FDA Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (2009 revision), the incidence of milkborne outbreaks has declined dramatically over the past 75 years; however, “occasional milkborne outbreaks still occur, emphasizing the need for continued vigilance at every stage of production, processing, pasteurization and distribution of milk and milk products.”
Government guidelines and the dairy industry itself have instituted regulations to ensure that the number of milkborne outbreaks remains low.

Noam Urim introduces a nonwoven wipe designed exclusively for use in the dairy industry. The high-quality, disposable wipes thoroughly clean and disinfect udders and teats and reduce contamination. Noam Urim’s Udder Wipes can be used during all pre- and post-milking tasks.

The flanks, udders, bellies and tails of all milking lactating animals shall be free from visible dirt. … The udders and teats of all milking lactating animals shall be clean and dry before milking. Teats shall be treated with a sanitizing solution just prior to the time of milking and shall be dry before milking.

Grade “A” Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (2009 revision) U.S. Food and Drug Administration


Promotes using a “single wipe per cow”
for improved hygiene and reduced chance of infection

Provides a highly effective alternative to paper towels or udder cloths for washing

Will not tear
or break during use

Flexible dimension and packaging