Air Filtration


Noam Urim HVAC filters are used for a variety of purposes: general indoor ventilation and air cleaning, paint booths, and atmospheric air.

The high-quality HVAC filters consist of a carded nonwoven web mesh with an integrated density gradient to produce an effective combination: very high dust-holding capacity and low initial pressure drop. The filters can be employed as a pre-filtration or coarse filtration barrier for most air-handling systems.


  • NU-AF 140 (G2)
  • NU-AF 170 (G3)
  • NU-AF 230 (G3)
  • NU-AF 270 (G4)

Noam Urim’s range of HVAC filters are most commonly used for low dust levels (2 mg/m3), typical of AC systems. The web mesh traps the dust particles within the filter media. The open fiber mats have void volumes greater than 90%. Once maximum resistance is reached, the mats or elements are discarded.

Typical face velocity: 0.1-3 m/s.

  • Minimal power consumption
  • Long filter life
  • No cleaning required
  • Extremely cost-effective overall total life cycle

G2 to G4
(EN 779:2002)

self-extinguishing (flammability test DIN 3438-3)