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Multipurpose Cloth

Noam Urim’s Household Cleaning cloths are designed especially for cleaning and for super-absorbency. These Multipurpose cloths can be used on nearly every type of surface.

Main Features

  • Can absorb at least nine times its weight
  • Machine washable up to 40 ºC
  • Can be printed and branded


Basic Cloth

These all-purpose Basic cloths can be produced from 25% to 80% viscose fabric in a variety of colors and weights from
90 g/m2 up to 270 g/m2 and heavier, if required.




The proprietary Noam Urim Antibacterial cloth was developed by the Noam Urim R&D team especially to inhibit microbial growth on the cleaning cloth itself and to give a much longer shelf life.


The Noam Urim Biodegradable cleaning cloth presents an environmentally friendly, highly absorbent product.

These specialty wipes are made from natural fibers only. They were developed by the Noam Urim R&D team to provide an environmentally friendly multipurpose cloth. These 100% biodegradable wipes absorb more than 10 times their weight yet retain an excellent hand.



Another Noam Urim innovation: Highly textured cloths with raised “dots” designed especially to take off tough or caked-on dirt.

The wipes serve a double purpose: The textured “dotted” side cleans spots and tough dirt while the other side functions as a multipurpose wipe – for complete cleaning.



Noam Urim Impregnated lint-free cleaning cloths bring a shine to window glass and mirrors.


Dry Dish

Noam Urim’s Dry Dish provides a convenient, super-absorbent surface for delicate or oversized dishes or pans. An economic solution in any kitchen, the Dry Dish is much more hygienic compared to regular kitchen towels. Machine washable, it stores easily and can be used many times.


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