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Personal Care

Noam Urim supplies various fabrics/substrates for medical and personal care, including soaped sponges and gloves, antibacterial cloths, white needle-punched cloths, and cloths for removing make-up and cosmetics.

Soaped Sponges

In this unique sponge the water activates the soap (or detergent) on the “light as a feather” sponge to produce a convenient, all-in-one product. The single-use Soaped Sponge is designed especially for personal hygiene in hospitals, health centers, hotels, and restaurants.

Soaped sponges can be impregnated with almost any type of soap or detergent, making them suitable for general hygiene in exam and treatment rooms, bathrooms, lounges, and patient or guest rooms.

  • 2-in-1: Replaces soap and a separate sponge
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting: Can be stored for extended periods
  • Perfect for travel: lightweight, soft, and packs easily
  • For daily use

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