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Noam Urim produces a special line of needle-punched geotextile fabrics produced from PET or a polypropylene blend. The manufacturing process strengthens the fabric for improved stability and durability and efficient drainage when placed on the road or in the ground.

  • NU-Geo R: For normal use. Made from regenerated polyester fibers.
  • NU-Geo V: For mechanical and hydraulic use. Made from
    virgin polypropylene or polyester.


Up to 5 m
Weight: From 90 g/m2 to 2000 g/m2

Noam Urim’s geotextiles products
can be exported directly (FCL).

See more information.

For local distribution, contact Admir.

Kibbutz Urim M.P. Negev 85530 Israel Tel: +972-8-9920444 Fax: +972-8-9920164
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