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Noam Urim produces and supplies breather and bleeder cloths for the composites industry. Used to capture or trap resin and prevent wrinkles, the cloth provides continuous and even vacuum pressure. Noam Urim’s breathers used in the production process of many types of composite materials such as global aircraft/aerospace, wind power, automotive, and general composites industries.

The Company offers lightweight and heavyweight cloths, depending on the end use (for example, thick cloths are appropriate with high resin levels or when easy bag removal is required).


Noam Urim composite materials products can be used in temperatures ranging from room temperature up to 250 ºC. They are available in a range of widths and can be supplied as flame retardant.

Main products

  • NU-BB-350 FR
  • NU-BB-150 FR
  • NU-BB-350
  • NU-BB-150

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